4. Burn Victim

"Her breath of ash on my neck
So frail to the skin on bone
Her taste of fire on my lips
So weak to the scent of smoke
In the arms of an angel
I fell from grace
I open my mouth to speak but her fire sears me
I open my hand to reach but her fever shakes me
She sits atop my coffin
Listens to the muffled cries
She cuts away my limbs
To be steps to the skies
Her fingers draw lines of suicide across my face
[Slit the throat of every god...]
Blood for blood
I drain all my ink to help her find the right shade
[...To be closer to the sun]
Blood for blood
Set ablaze my rotting flesh
Embrace my wretched corpse


from Wicked World "Witch Hunt", released June 24, 2016


all rights reserved


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