3. Crowd of Horns

"I eclipse your hand with mine
Killer of suns, creator of moons
I rest in the arms of angels
Killer of suns, creator of moons
She speaks so softly
Hymns of angels sung
I saw your face and it looked like God's
I saw my sins and they looked like us
My soul dries as my skin swells
Inside my temple the devil dwells
Salvation through sacrifice of sin
Purify Heaven of the unforgiven
I will cleanse the world of this fucking filth
A flood of blood
Will pour from the skies
This is the day upon
Which all light dies
As the light from her eyes guides us
Saints are baptized by hands of sinners
Now your light reveals your shadow
Floods of blood to wash away the wicked
We are calling forth Armageddon
The final wish: sacrifice Salem"


from Wicked World "Witch Hunt", released June 24, 2016


all rights reserved


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