5. Dogmother

I look into the eyes of the deceased
Disobedient, diseased, hymns off key
All the orphans' tears have left her eyes
The sin and doom of godless men
With a whisper, she beckons to me
I come undone, thy will always be done
To devastate the distance between Heaven and Hell
To dissolve the difference between you and me
The fear of God is the only hand I've been dealt
Kiss of the damned, my teeth in the apple of eve
The witching hours are the only times I'm awake
I feel a darkness grip me, no attempt to escape
From dust I was born, to dust I shall return
A worm, a leech, I become a slave to the soil
Our eyes never adjust under the dying light
Our lungs never take in breathless skies
As the dark awakens, Hell becomes alive
As the light escapes, Earth slowly dies"


from Wicked World "Witch Hunt", released June 24, 2016


all rights reserved


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