7. I Am the Grey

"The vast emptiness spreads
A shadow I've cast upon myself
Why did the Sun never come?
It was I who shut it out
Settling for seasons of pain instead of finding shelter from rain
You pry your way into my ribs, trying to get closer to my heart
To hold it, to shake it, for it to move you
The darkness you taste as you walk into the room
Is the darkness that comes from inside of you
With each step you're going back through the clock
The arms carry you away, so far back you'll never escape
In an essence, she was the essence of love
This empty feeling will fill me up
Love is the betrayal
Love is the heartbreak
Love is the separation
Love is the suicide of us
Such a selfish way to live
Such a selfless way to die
I meet God as her breath wraps me in the winter
I meet God as the blood pours from her sewn shut eyes
I meet God with nothing but her shattered crown
Molested by the mother
Forgotten by the father
Betrayed by the breath of life
I've had too much of Heaven
I've found my Purgatory
As I watch her burn away
I'm finally one with God
I Am the Grey"


from Wicked World "Witch Hunt", released June 24, 2016


all rights reserved


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