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"I will watch you sleep
Bring me back to life
Waiting for her lips to rest on mine
Sleep is for the weak
But I am so weak for you
Return us to death
Let my tears dry my eyes
They say sleep is for the weak
But I am so weak for you
I will watch you
Eyes sewn shut see only darkness
Sleep can't seem to shut you out
Chew apart my eyes
Then watch me sleep
Spit me out
Her eyes secluded in mine
Her face floats on endlessly
Arms wide, I embrace comets
Eyes closed, to new eternities
Welcome me in your oblivion
Obliterate me in twilight
I will watch you sleep
[With every breath you take...
With every move you make...
With every moan you fake...
With every heart you break...]
The sun and the moon shown through her eyes
When she wept, stars would collide and fall
My fingers now craters from her sorrows
Every crease a stream for the debris
With every breath you take
With every move you make
I'll be watching you
I'll be watching you"


from Wicked World "Witch Hunt", released June 24, 2016


all rights reserved


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